Announcement 396


February, 24th  2017 Private Institution «Bolashak» Academy holds an International scientific-practical conference «Science and Education in modern world».

The following sections are planned under the conference:


• Modernization of the Republic of Kazakhstan legal system: problems of theory and practice.

 • Development of the financial system in the modern economy.

 • Modern linguistic situation in polylingual world.

 • New directions in linguistics and national literature.

 • Pedagogy and Psychology: current problems and directions.

 • Urgent problems of social and humanities development

 • Modern aspects of biology, medicine and pharmacy


Conference languages– Kazakh, Russian, English  


Requirements for the materials:

The report text should be no more than 5 pages, typed in editor Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 14 print, line interval – 1, format А4, fields: at the left – 3 sm,   above, on the right,  below – 2 sm. UDC index is in the left top corner.

In the center – report name with the capital letters, fat font. After a spacebar there should be initials and author’s surname. On the next line -organization name.  Drawings, tables are admitted in the text.  References to the sources are given in square brackets, numbering of references continuous under the text. Full bibliographic list is resulted in the end of article. The body text begins in one line. Reports are sent printed with a disk appendix or by e-mail.   

Conference materials will be typed by direct copying so you should carefully edit the article with all above-stated requirements.

Materials which were sent after specified terms or issued not according to the requirements will not be considered and sent back.


There should be noticed a surname and a city name  of the first author in the file name.

The registration form is applied to the report

Name (full) ______________________________________________

Degree, academic rank ____________________________________

Place of work, position_________________________________________


Tel. (city code), е-mail ______________________________________

Article title _________________________________________________

Section name ________________________________________________

Require hotel booking __________________________


Report representation term and registration till January, 20st 2017

Organization payment on publishing expenses is 3000 tenge. Payment document is sent by fax or e-mail. The payment is brought by transfer to the current account with a mark «For participation in conference (to specify the conference name)»


Foreign participants have a right for free publication in the articles' collection.



Address of the organization committee:

100008, Karaganda,

17 Lenin st.  309 room


Ph:  8(7212) – 420426, 420435, 420425( 041) 


Travelling and living expenses – at the expense of the sending part.







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