Announcement 415

26-27 January 2017 held International scientific-practical conference "Current issues of innovations and trends in contemporary science and education." The conference work held in the Kazakh, Russian, English and Turkish. Conference proceedings will be published as a collection.

The work of the International scientific-practical conference is organized in the following directions:

1. Natural Sciences

2. Humanitarian Sciences

3. Social Sciences

4. Pedagogy and Psychology

5. Medicine and Pharmacology

6. Jurisprudence and Law

7. Economics, Management and Finance

8. Current issues of school education

Texts of reports are provided in Microsoft Word format, in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Scope of the report must not exceed 4 pages (A4 format). Page numbers are not specified.
  2. Margins: top 2 cm, the bottom- 2 cm, right – 1 cm, left – 3 cm.
  3. The main text font – Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing – single.
  4. Theme: written in capital letters, bold font, no paragraph, center alignment.
  5. Full name of author: bold font, no paragraph, center alignment.
  6. State, address and name of the institution: a font – italics, no paragraph, center alignment.

The organizing committee is not considering the possibility of processing of the submitted texts. From the reports of students and master’s degree required review of the head.

Texts of reports received by the organizing committee before January 10, 2017.

The registration fee – 3,000 tenge.

IIK KZ929260801128571004

BIK КZKOKZKX Kazkommerzbank Кbe 16, BIN 990440008043

Electronic copy of the payment receipt of the registration fee is sent to the address:

            Address of the organizing committee: SKR, Turkestan, B.Sattarhanov Avenue, Khoja Ahmet Yassawi Kazakh-Turkish International University, educational building №3, office 308, Department of «Physics».

For any questions and of reference information, please contact to the organizing committee. 8 (72533) 63636, internal number. 1312,  mobile 87075678843,  e-mail: Responsible person: Kurbanbekov Bakytzhan





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