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Dear colleges!

Pharmaceutical faculty of Private institution "Academy “Bolashak” will hold on April 07, 2017 the Inter-University scientific and practical conference "High-quality and Effective Providing Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan with Medicines as Basis of a Homeland Security of the Country".


The work of conference plans by following directions:


  • The modern condition of pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan.
  • A state and the prospects of development of pharmaceutical industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Analysis of security of the pharmaceutical organizations of a retail link of Kazakhstan with medicines of national production.
  • Healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases.
  • Traditional medicine – the predecessor of modern medicine.
  • Integration of pharmaceutical educations and productions.


Working languages of a conference – Kazakh, Russian, English.


Rules of registration of materials

The text of the report no more than 5 pages has to be typed in the Microsoft Word editor, font – Times New Roman 14, a line spacing – 1, format A4, fields: at the left – 3 cm, from above, on the right, from below – 2 cm. In the left top of corner the UDC index is put down.

On the center – the name of the report capital letters in bold. Through an interval a surname and the author's initials. On the next line – the name of the organization. The main text begins in one line. In the text drawings, tables are allowed. References to sources are given in square brackets, numbering of references continuous in the text. The full bibliography is provided in the end of article. Reports are sent on the below-specified e-mail address.


Materials of a conference will be gathered by method of direct copying, we pay your attention to need of providing article for carefully edited view with observance of all above-stated requirements.

To participation in a conference are invited the staff of the pharmaceutical and medical organizations, scientists, teachers of higher education institutions and average educational institutions, students, undergraduates and doctoral candidates.

The materials presented after the specified term or issued not according to requirements aren't considered and don't come back.

In the name of the file the name of the author and the city have to be specified.


Registration form

Name, surname  ________________________________________________

Academic degree and academic status _______________________________

Place of work, position ___________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

Telephone (code of city), е-mail ____________________________________

Name of article _________________________________________________

Name of direction of conference ____________________________________

Form of participation (oral report, bench report, only publication of articles) _

Need in hotel booking ____________________________________________


Term of submission of the report and registration forms till March, 15, 2017.

The arrangement fee constitutes 1500 tenges. The document on payment of the arrangement fee is submitted by fax or by e-mail. It is contributed by transfer to the settlement account marked "For participation in work of a conference (to specify the name of a conference)".

settlement accounts: IIK KZ 376010191000066207, BIK HSBKKZKX,

                             Kbe 17, KNP 861, BIN 9506400001690

                             JSC “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan”



Foreign participants have the right for the free publication in the collection of articles.


Address of organized committee of conference:

100008, Karaganda, Еrubaev street, 16, room 110.


Fax:  8 (7212) 420421; telephone: 8(7212) 782529


Travel expenses – at the expense of the sending side.


Organized committee 

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