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Welcome to 16th International Exhibition "Education and Careers"

 March 30-31 April 1 st, 2017


The 16th International Exhibition "Education and Careers" of Uzbekistan which is jointly organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of Uzbekistan, the Public Youth Movement "KAMOLOT" and Expocontact Co., Ltd will be held from March 30-31 till 1 April 2017.

Main objective of the exhibition:
Introduction of the educational institutions of Uzbekistan and other countries, as well as supporting young people and the general public in choosing schools for their interest fields.

Task of the exhibition:

  • Informing young people about the possibilities of vocational training in local and foreign educational institutions;
  • Awaking young people’s interests in choosing an occupation and attract them to get the education of this direction;
  • Assisting in getting acquainted with modern learning methods in local and foreign educational institutions and exchange of experience between them;
  • Assisting who wish get a second profession, as well as improve their skills to search educational institutions;
  • Acquaintance with the latest of education industry: technical training, educational materials, furnitures and equipments, computer systems and training programs.

Main sections of the exhibition:
 – Higher education institutions                    – Institutions of secondary vocational education
 – Training centers & institutes                     – Private schools, language centers
Auxiliary sections:

– Software for educational institutions         – Information technology of education system;
– Training appliances           – School furniture and stationeries        – sport equipments.


Who will visit the exhibition?

– Students of schools, colleges and high schools     – Entrants, their parents and other interested persons.
– Representatives of educational institutions

View of the 10th International Exhibition "Education and Careers"

During the exhibition’s years has taken part more than 35 universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, more than 40 training centers and educational institutions from Europe, Asia, Latvia, Russia and other countries.

Total number of visitors of the exhibition "Education and Career" has exceeded 30,000. The main exhibition visitors are young people aged 14 to 30 years.

Fees of participation

1350 Euro/stand

Including: 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 waste basket, and an 220V electric source, carpets of the entire exhibit area, information about the participant in the catalog, two badges of delegates.


Please contact us:

Expocontact” Ltd.

Str. Sh. Rustavelly, 22, Tashkent, 110070, Republic of Uzbekistan.

Phone: +998 71256 35 13, 256 36 14

Fax: +998 71 256 36 13


Skype: ssp-expocontact




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