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In 19-21 May, 2017 year there will be an international congress «Civilization of Great Steppe» it will be united work of  Innovative Humanitarian University (RK,Taraz) Independent Institution of Siberia (Novosibirsk, RF), The Academy of regional management (Pavlodar, RK), Yili Normal University (Kulja, China), Union of Kazakhstan Republic artists (Almaty, RK).


The congress will be held according to these directions:


1. Symposium of International artists «Frontiers of Great Steppe»

2. The history of Kazakhstan

3. The role of literature in formation state ideology.

4. The role of national pedagogy in globalization.

5. Rights and policy of Great Steppe.

6. Techniques and technology of Great Steppe.

7. The economy of Great Steppe.

8. The role of natural science.

Сongress languages are – Kazakh, Russian and English.

In order to include the material to the programme the following documents have to be submitted to the organization committee: the report in printed and electronic forms with indication of the name of the file and a surname of the author, the receipt on payment for participation in congress work. An organizational payment for participation in congress (for an article) – 3500 KZT, for undergraduates – 2000 KZT.


Deadline for reports (articles) is April 29, 2017:

080000  Taraz city, Zheltoksan street, 69”В», office №203

Taraz Innovative Humanitarian University

Department of science. Ph. 8(7262) 54-11-24; факс 51-83-12

Accept: Azhibaeva Roza Elibaevna, e-mail:, mobile phone 87771708733;

 If you send e-mail in the section "Subject" e-mail: you will medicate "To the international congress at TIHU _______ (a surname of the speaker)".



Сongress materials for the publication have to meet the following requirements:

1. The text has to be typed by the MS Word editor, in volume no more than 5 pages;

2. Font: The Tımes New Roman or Tımes New Roman KZ, a size – 14, single space;

3. Setting pages: top and bottom – 20 mm, left – 30 mm, right – 15 mm, paragraph – 1 cm

4. In the upper left corner is put down the UDC index;

5. After a line – in the center is given the name of the report CAPITAL LETTERS (IN BOLD)

6. After an interval (in an empty line) under the name of the report – on the center with lowercase letters are given a name, a middle name and a surname of the author(s) (in bold);

7. Below is given the full name of institution where the work is performed (in bold);

8. Abstract. Key words (The Tımes New Roman or Tımes New Roman KZ, a size – 9, single space)

9. Single-spaced indented paragraph with – material of the report directly (article);

10. The list of references is placed at the end of the text and prepared in accordance with order of  mentioned works. References to literature in the text are made out in "square" brackets in the form of number corresponding to number of this work in the list of references.

All publications are given in the author's edition. Manuscripts will not be returned. The Editorial Board has the right to reject materials that do not meet the requirement


Establishment Taraz Innovative Humanitarian University

Taraz city, Zheltoksan St., 69b

 JSC “Bank CenterCredit»
БИН -080640010161


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