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 Due to the 20th anniversary of the Scientific Research Center of Archaeology International Kazakh-Turkish University named by H.A.Yassavvi on February 24, 2017 conducts international scientific conference "Continuity of the monuments of the ancient Turkestan oasis".

      In conference work scheduled participation of scientists from Kazakhstan and Turkey

Road and accommodation expenses of invited guests at the conference are paid by the university.


Sections of conference:

1.Ancient Archaeology

2. Medieval Archaeology

3. Ethnography, protection and conservation of cultural heritage

Conference working languages: Kazakh, Turkish, English Russian.

Materials can be provided in Kazakh, Russian, Turkish and English. Edition of the collection of conference materials is planned for the beginning of the conference. The organizing committee reserves the right selection of materials. Papers sent after the deadline and decorated not according to the requirements not be published.


To participate in the konfrentsii required before February 10, 2017 to send the text of the report and a request for the specified form below to e-mail:,

Application form:

1. Full name

2. Theme of the article;

3. Place of work (country, full name of the organization);

4. Position;

5. Academic degree;

6. Address, telephone / fax;

7. Е-mail





The volume of text no more than 10 pages., MS Word format (* .doc or rtf). Tables, charts, figures should have a title and be typed in Windows. Page Size: A4. All fields – 25 mm. Font: Times New Roman, font size – 12. Line spacing – single. Indent the red line: 1 cm.

The text of the article is made according to the principle: above – the surname and initials on the right edge; lower after lumen into range 1 – centered title of the article in capital letters; lower lumen after an interval of 1 – text with red line.

References in the text located in parentheses (surname, year of publication, page). For example: (Fedorov-Davydov, 1966, p 15-20). In the case of a reference to the collective work should be reported to the first four names (Margulan, Akishev, Kadyrbaev, Orazbayev, 1966, p. 14). The list of references at the end of the text in alphabetical order.

Illustrations and photos should be submitted in electronic form, in jpeg or tiff format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Drawings and photos are referred to as "drawing." References in the text to figures and tables are given in parentheses in the following pattern (Figure 1, 3,. 2, 4), (Table 1.). Figure captions are issued as a separate file. Number of photos in the article are not more than 5 (for articles, where the results of field research is published – up to 10).

In the presence of notes, you must give the numbering (1, 2, 3, etc.), and type after the list of references.

At the end of the article presents a summary. For the Kazakh text summaries in Russian and English and for Russian text summaries in  Kazakh and English languages respectively. Foreign authors send resume in Russian (translation into Kazakh language performed by editors) and English

Summary includes last name and initials of the author / authors, title of the article and the text of not less than 10 lines (font size 12 pt).

In the presence of abbreviations in the text or in the references after a summary to provide a list of abbreviations.

Examples of bibliographic descriptions

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Arslanova F.H Bobrowski burial // Publishing house. KazSSR. Ser. Society. Sciences. – Iss. 4. – Almaty, 1963. – P. 78-83.

Typology of publications / V.S Agrikolyansky, A.A Aleksandrova, G.I Bakhturina etc. -. SPb .: Neva, 1995. – 230 p.

The problems of modern physics: Coll. articles for the 100th anniversary of the birth of A.F Joffe. – M .: Nauka, 1980. – 586 p.



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