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Dear colleagues!

Karaganda state medical university invites you to partake in the international conference of young scientists and students (hereinafter – the Conference) “Science world and youth: tendencies and new horizons” which takes place on April 12, 2017.


The aim of the Conference – wide discussion of topical matters of medicine and healthcare, informing the public about the scientific achievements of the young scientists.


Topics of the conference:

1. Public health and social medicine

2. Clinical medicine

3. Laboratory and molecular medicine

4. Social and humanitarian disciplines


The conference is held for all-year students, young scientists, master degree students, doctor degree students, teachers and researchers at the age of before 35.


Participation form:

1) external (in the form of theses publication)

2) internal (oral report, E-poster)

3) passive internal (as a listener)


The collection of scientific works is issued with the papers of the conference.


Languages of the conference: Kazakh, Russian and English.


For participating in the Conference it is necessary to send the following materials (documents are named by a surname of the first author and sent together once) to the organizing committee by email:

1. application for participation in the Conference (the form is attached);

2. scanned paper of thesis with scientific supervisor’s signature of endorsement;

3. thesis (doc*), (if there is) report (electronic variants)





Theses, reports and E-posters should include experiment, achievements and results of the topical scientific researches in the field of medicine and healthcare.

Theses in Kazakh, Russian or English (in electronic version) and the register form (application form) should be sent to the organizing committee of the conference by March 30, 2017 by email:


Article submission guidelines


1. A thesis should be:

– on page with one line spacing,

– Times New Roman, Times New Roman KZ 12,

– upper and lower fields – 2 cm, left field – 4 cm and right field – 1.5 cm.

– No more than 2 theses of the same authors are submitted.

– Volume of a thesis is no more than a page.


On the first line UDC for a thesis is written;

on the second line – name and surname of authors (no more than five) * with a name of a scientific supervisor;

below – a title of a thesis (with capital letters);

next line – a name of a university, city**.

On page 2 addresses and telephone numbers of authors are written.


* Name and surname of (an) author(s) are indexed with a workplace of each – A.V. Vitavskaya 1, N.I. Ponomareva 2, G.K. Altynbaueva 3

** Author’(s)’workplace – Место работы автора(ов) – Almaty technological university1, National center of scientific and technical information2, Rudny Industrial Institute3.


2. Do not use pictures, diagrams and photos in a text.

3. Tables should be named, numbered and typed.

4. Do not use abbreviations of words, names and titles, except for common-in-use. The measures are given according the SI system. Abbreviations are decoded after the first appearance in a text and remain invariable.

5. Papers are placed in the collection by the method “blind copying”, so works are submitted only in thoroughly edited form with obeying all the above-mentioned guidelines.

6. Sending works, published before or sent into other editors into the organizing committee of the conference, is not admitted.

7. The participation in the Conference, accommodation and having a meal are free.

8. You only pay for the journey (tickets, visa, etc).


The organizing committee and editorial commission have the right of selecting theses and reports for the conference.


The deadline of sending papers and application forms for participation is March 30, 2017.

E-Poster submission guidelines:

Posters are shown during all conference only in electronic form. The format of posters is MS PowerPoint, number of slides – 6-8. The structure of report: introduction, materials and methods, results and conclusion.

Send an application form for participation (appendix 1), an electronic version of a report, thesis and poster by email:






Place for holding the Conference:

100000, the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Karaganda, 40 Gogol Street.



Contacts of the organizing committee:

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda, 40 Gogol Street

Chairman of the Council of young scientists and students of KSMU

Aset Kayratovich Izdenov,

Telephone: 8701- 756-56-17 (WhatsApp)


Chairman of the organizing committee:

Deputy in Charge for Strategic Development, Science and International Cooperation, Doctor of Medical Sciences Anar Akylbekovna Turmuhambetova




Vice-chairman of the Council of young scientists and students of KSMU

Koblandy Tomashev,

Telephone: 8702-313-25-88


Timur Beysenov,

Telephone: 8705-108-63-73


Contacts of secretaries-responsible for the conference collection:

Yuliya Romanyuk, tel.: 8705-154-23-05

Yuliya Subbota, tel.: 8708-354-72-90



Vk official group: the Council of young scientists of KSMU








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