Announcement 509

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the International scientific-practical conference "Integration of education in ethnic and cultural development of Greater Altai region and Kazakhstan."

The conference invites scholars and teachers of higher and secondary special educational institutions; undergraduates, graduate students and applicants; scientists; teachers of secondary and further education.

The purpose of the conference: to consolidate the efforts of Kazakhstan, Russian scientists and experts in the discussion of theoretical and methodological, scientific-methodological and practical issues of ethno-cultural development of the Greater Altai and Kazakhstan regions; exchange of experience of scientific and pedagogical schools on the theory and practice of ethno-cultural education, technology, organization of intercultural communication; approbation of joint projects of Kazakh, Russian researchers and teachers-practitioners

Official languages of the conference – Kazakh, Russian and English.

Participation in the conference is possible in the following forms: a report at the meeting of one or more sections, distance involved.

Directions of the conference:

1. The activities of higher education as a factor of ethno-cultural development of the region.

2. Ethno-cultural and multicultural education and education of children and youth.

3. The national and cultural associations: the current state and prospects of development.

4. Problems of preservation and study of historical and cultural heritage of Greater Altai and Kazakhstan regions

5. Problems of intercultural communication and language in a multicultural and ethno-cultural education.

6. Ethno-cultural and professional mentality and semantic consciousness of teacher.

7. The use of elements of national traditions and customs on the history lessons with the use of new approaches in teaching.

8. Ecology and tourism in the regions of Greater Altai and Kazakhstan.


During the conference will be a competition of scientific and methodological tools of teachers of history, geography, biology, Kazakh, Russian, foreign languages and literature "Using elements of national traditions and customs with the application of new approaches to teaching lessons" (about the competition Regulations will be sent later).


Location and time of the conference

Venue – a large hall (Mir Street 60, the main building of PSPI.).

Registration of participants from 09.00 h. To 10.00 h.

Starting conference – 10.00 h.

Costs associated with the arrival of the conference shall be covered by the conference participants.


By the beginning of the conference it is planned to release the electronic collection of scientific articles followed by line-item placement on the site of the Scientific Electronic Library and indexation in science-metric based RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index). RSCI will check on the originality of the text (the level of the original text of at least 70%).

Conference participants will receive an electronic version of the collection in PDF format by e-mail.


Materials and Applications for the conference are sent to the Department of organization of scientific work of PSPI (Pavlodar, Mir Street 60, room 216..) Or by e-mail:  up to April 3, 2017 with the subject "The Conference of the Great Altai". The file is named (e.g. AB Iskakov section1_name of the article).

The organizing committee reserves the right to reject articles that do not meet the conference topics or other requirements.

Payment of the registration fee for participation in the conference (3000 tenge) can be made to the bank account of PSPI:

Bank details for paying registration fee:

РГП на ПХВ «Павлодарский государственный педагогический институт»

БИН 040340005741

ИИК KZ609650000061536309

АО «Forte банк»


ОКПО 40200973

КБЕ 16


In the receipt must be mentioned : Conference "Integration of ethno-cultural education in the development of the regions Greater Altai and Kazakhstan "



Requirements for the reports:


1) The text of a report of not more than 6 pages in MS WORD editor, (6.0 or 7.0) to send:  The total included illustrations, applications, and a list of sources and literature.

2) Font – Times New Roman; Size 14; -odinarny line spacing, margins: left – 3 cm, and the rest – 2 cm.

3) At the top of the page – in capital letters is given the name of the report (in bold), separated by a space underneath the initials of first name and patronymic, surname, place of work.

4) Abstract and keywords in the Kazakh or Russian and English languages ​​(4-7 sentences)

5) Links and references indicated at the end of the text.


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