Patriotism begins with love for one’s land, for one’s village, city, region, with love for a small homeland.

Why do we call it a small homeland? Human beings are not only rational but also emotional.  A small homeland is the place where you were born and raised, and for a time lived your whole life.

There you have mountains, rivers, stories and myths about their origin, the names of those left in the memory of the people. The list is very long. All this is important.

A special attitude to the native land, its culture, customs and traditions is the most important feature of patriotism. This is the basis of the cultural and genetic code that makes any nation a nation, and not a collection of individuals.

Over the centuries, our ancestors protected specific places and regions, saving for us millions of square kilometers of fertile land. They saved the future.

On December 12th  and 13th the senior teacher of the chair of Modern History of Kazakhstan and GED Kupanova S.A. read a lecture for students of the 2nd  year of general medicine and stomotalogy specialty on the theme: “Philosophical foundations of Kazakhstan patriotism” timed to celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the lecture, Saltanat Akhmetkalievna acquainted students with the philosophical modernization theories, socio-cultural foundations of the Kazakhstan model of modernization, the essence and functions of civil society, the influence of world experience on the formation of civil society in Kazakhstan and the philosophical foundations of Kazakhstan's patriotism.


Senior teacher of the chair of Modern history of

Kazakhstan and GED Kupanova S.A.

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