Meeting carried out by praepostors of 3 course

Meeting carried out by praepostors of 3 course

In 7.12.17,  vice-dean of “General medicine” of the 3rd course – A.S. Zhylkybayeva and specialist on methodical work of “General medicine” of the 3rd and 4th courses – G.D. Kulmaganbetova holded a meeting with praepostors of 3rd course in base of academic plan.

Now the praepostors of groups fulfills the duties. They must carry out the events and provide dean’s information to the group. The problems that was identified on this meeting and connected with the learning process and educational work are:

  • results of attestation, group performance
  • payment of treaty groups
  • psychological situation in the group
  • students’ participation in the science works
  • problems connected with winter exams.

Dean-office always can help to discuss or solve problems of students as well as it’s opened to new ideas and suggestions. Traditionally the best groups not only in study, also active in University’s life are awarded. At the end of the meeting students wished a good and successful exam session.

Vice-Dean of undergraduate education A. Sh. Zhylkybaeva

Methodist G.D. Kulmaganbetova

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