Psychological training with students of 132 groups

Psychological training with students of 132 groups

At 16 March, 2018, according the request of the curator of the group 133 OM Buzheeva Aktoty Soltanaevna psychological training was conducted. 13 students took part in the training. The training was aimed at developing communication skills, as well as methods of coping with stress in difficult life situations. During the psychological training there is a close acquaintance of students with each other and with a psychologist. Trainings contribute to the unity of the group, they are taught to trust others and believe in oneself. The curator of the group also participated in the training and learned a lot about her group and about the peculiarities of the group's students.

Training in the 132 group was held in a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. In each exercise, students showed creativity and individuality, tried to work in a team, if something did not work, they helped and supported each other. At the end of the training, all participants were in a good mood, and felt light.

Based on the results of the feedback questionnaire, the training received very good feedback. The students of the group went deeper and better to get to know each other and wished that such trainings would be held more often.

Acquaintance with the psychologist in such a way promotes the further close relationship of the psychologist with the students. Having become acquainted with the psychologist closer in an atmosphere of trust, students subsequently turn to individual help, coming to individual consultations.

Curators and students of other groups I invite to trainings on development of communicative skills and simply have fun.

Psychologist-sociologist: Assylbekova AM

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