The Great Nauryz

The Great Nauryz

On March 22, students of groups 147 and 158 took part in the celebration of Nauryz. They participated for the first time. Students played national games – "bes tas", "asyk". The winners were rewarded with consolation prizes. Also, students heard Kazakh national music, saw national dances. Students tasted Kazakh national dishes – Nauryz kozhe, baursak, shelpek and others. A special huge impression on them was made by the yurta and its decoration – besik, corpe, beautiful curtains, skins of bear, wolf, fox, national dishes.

  And by tradition our students gave a concert for the local townspeople. As always, they were awarded a storm of applause. In addition to dances and songs in their native language, they performed some songs in the Kazakh language. The concert-men announced performances  in three languages. Everything contributed to a good mood – songs, dances, games, treats and even fine weather.

teacher of Kazakh and Latin chair,

tutor of group 147, 158.

Shakirova B.T.

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