Fascinating Saturday

Fascinating Saturday

 This Saturday our groups of 147 and 158 were very fun and exciting – we went to the bowling center. There were a lot of people there. We were happy that we bookеd in advance the time of the game. Everyone came to have a wonderful time. The hall was very cozy, homelike and pleasant atmosphere. Also there you can have a delicious lunch and dinner. There are dishes for every taste.

We could compete among ourselves. Our results were constantly displayed on the screens. Some students had several strikes, and some did not. But all the same, everyone was in a good mood, everyone was having fun, because we were together – we played together, laughed together, had lunch together. In general, we had a wonderful Saturday, because we were together.

tutor of 147 and 158 groups,

teacher of Kazakh and Latin chair,

  Shakirova B.T.

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