Relaxing training for the library staff

Relaxing training for the library staff

On 12.04.2018, I conducted a training course with the library staff. The topic was: "Stress Management and Prevention of Emotional Burnout Syndrome." 8 employees of the library participated in the training. The training began with the adoption of training rules in conjunction with the group and 7 exercises were done in one hour.

At the beginning of the training, exercises were done to activate and recharge participants. With the help of the exercise "Acquaintance", " Merry-go-round" and "Crocodile", the participants joined in the game, they understood what needs to be done – this is the main goal of the warm-up.

In the middle, the exercises "Brainstorming. Methods of self-regulation in the situation of stress ", "Pleasure "- through which activated thought processes, creativity and discussed the ways of each participant, through which they struggle with negative emotions.

By the end I introduced them to breathing exercises and auto-training. Using these methods, you can easily calm down and overcome nervousness and irritability.

The feedback form showed that the training was very productive and effective. Each participant of the training highly appreciated such a relaxing training and asked that such trainings be held more often.

Psychologist-sociologist: Assylbekova AM

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