“Patriotic songs”competition for 65th anniversary of SMU

“Patriotic songs”competition for 65th anniversary of SMU

In the 18th of April at the 2nd lecture hall of the Semey Medical University is organized competition by department of  Stomatology. This competition was organized thanks to the program “The way to the Future- Cultural Development” and 65th anniversary of SMU. In this program participated all the students of Stomatology department and among them: 1 place – students of 3rd course, 2place – students of 4th course, 3place-students of 5th course were awarded.

During the event were asked several questions about history of our university to the audience. According to the words of the Dean of the Stomatology Department Abralina Sholpan Shagataykyzy, this kind of projects can help to students to become not only high qualified doctors,but also to develop their cultural knowledge.

At the end of this amazing competition, the main organizers-Kalikhanova K.E., Abralina A.C.,Saimova A.Z., Berekenova G.A., Kabdykanov S.K.expressed their gratitude for the 402 and 406 group students.


Information was prepared by the assistant Kalihanova K.E.

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