Olympiad of Kazakh language

Olympiad of Kazakh language

21.04.2018 Kazakh and Latin chair organized Olympiad between foreign students on Kazakh language. From our groups 147 and 158 Azmat Rafik, Nimra Shabbir, Najmus Saquib, Rishav Kumar, Mohan Kumar, Sharma Rohit Kumar, Bharat Singh, Khan Imtiaz participated in this Olympiad. They repeated all topics, composed dialogues, reading poems and singing songs.

The Olympiad was organized very good: all three levels were organized in different three classrooms. Senior students Bishnoi Mahesh, Pankaj Yadav, Omprakash estimate knowledge of participants too. So on each level were the jury: two teachers and one student. Then jury sums up this olympiad. Our Nimra Shabbir – 2 position! Our congratulations! The winners received diplomas and money prices. Foreign students show interest in learning Kazakh language.


Teacher of Kazakh and Latin chair

tutor of groups 147, 158

Shakirova B.T.