Day of Interethnic harmony

Day of Interethnic harmony

May 1 – Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan (Day of Interethnic harmony). This holiday of spring, unity is imbued with the spirit of friendship and solidarity of peoples. Each people has its own rich culture, traditions. Within the framework of the program "Ruhani Zhangyru", an event dedicated to this day was held on April 26 at the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Professor Tapbergenov S.O. Students of the 207 group of the specialty "Stomatology" of the English department presented to all participants of the event material on the history of the celebration on May 1, about Kazakhstan, Japan, England, Mexico, Turkey, Ingushetia, students of the 256 group of specialty "General Medicine" of the foreign department – about India – traditions, holidays, symbolism, historical and interesting places. The students of the group 256 described in general both India and the states from which they arrived – Assam, Rajasthan. Everyone came in national costumes, prepared national dishes, presented an interesting video, got to know each other closely, there was a kind, warm atmosphere of unity and friendship. All of us, people of all nationalities, are united by one important concept: WE are the people of Kazakhstan. We are one, and this is our strength and success. And on May 1 we celebrate the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan. Holiday of friendship of all peoples on earth!

Peace to nature, peace to spring!

Peace to a planet!

Peace to all people on Earth!

As one Kazakh proverb says: "The power of a bird is in the wings, but of a man in friendship."


Teacher of the English department, curator of 256 groups Olzhayeva R.R.

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