Day of Unity of the people of Kazakhstan

Day of Unity of the people of Kazakhstan

On 28April  in the Semey Medical University, at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology with assistant Egezhanova Gulbarshyn Myrzakhmetovna in 441 group was carried out educational work on the Day of Unity of the people of Kazakhstan.

May 1 is a holiday of friendship, understanding and harmony, which are so necessary for a peaceful life in the country, where lives more than 130 nations. So, students from different countries study in our university. Consent and cohesion, common responsibility for people's lives are strategic resources for the successful development of Kazakhstan, the main sources of our strength and confidence in the future.

The students listened with interest and asked their questions.

So May 1 is a holiday, which is a symbol of mutual understanding and friendship for all of us! On this wonderful spring day, I wish you a festive mood, health, success, well-being and prosperity to our common home – the Republic of Kazakhstan! 

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