“World Contraception Day”

“World Contraception Day”

Students of Semey medical university, participants of the KazMSA organization, on September 20-26 of  2018-2019 academic year, the SCORA Committee responsible for reproductive health, held an action for the "World Contraception Day". International Day, which celebrates throughout the planet every year, on September 26 since 2007.

This event has a special place in the life of society. Because unknowing and ignorance has always been the cause of many problems.

It was the reason to the purpose of this event  to conduct lectures on the topic "Contraceptives and their importance". The main content of this event was to inform schools about methods of contraception in order to reduce the possibility of contamination with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and preventing an unplanned pregnancy.

We, as a standing  committee on sexual education, could held the event on a extensive , urban level covering 6 city schools.

Campaign hours were conducted in schools number 10,29,30,37 and 40.

The event was organized in conjunction with the departments of gynecology and propaedeutics.

The SCORA committee together with the MEDIA group, conducted interviews, to ask from the population about their knowledge in matters related to contraception.

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