World Sight Day

World Sight Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of October at the initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO). This date is marked in the calendar to attract global attention to the problems of blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of people with visual impairment. This day is also the main event of the global vision for the prevention of blindness "Vision 2020: the right to vision", created by WHO and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. Within the framework of the World Day of Sight, educational and preventive measures are carried out aimed at the prevention of eye diseases.

The theme of the student research project students of 244 group "Problems of sight and their prevention", as the implementation of the program "Densaulyk" October 11, curatorial groups of the department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines named after Professor Tapbergenov S.O., members of the scientific student circle (244, 245 ghjof the GM group, English department), an action was taken on this important world problem of this day. In the morning, students with a festive mood welcomed everyone in the main building of Semey State Medical University, wished everyone health and distributed vitamins for the eyes! In groups of the foreign department 247, 253 GM, with the head of the research project Olzhayeva R.R., they discussed the importance of this day and the measures for preventing vision, in all groups present in the department, before the classes, five-minute exercises for the eyes were held, by students of 244 group: Bilisbek Әliya, Zhapparova Moldir, Zhumagaziyeva Nazigul, Zhumagaziyeva Zhuldys, Saғimұratova Dina, Shynғysbaeva Ayzere! On the same day, students of 244 group Akparov Dias, Amangeldiev Nazar, Tleubaeva Akmaral, Imasheva Yerkezhan, Ospanova Dilyara were interviewed on vision prevention, gymnastics for eyes with schoolchildren of the Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum of 10.11 grades and career guidance work! Students surveyed students for a scientific project on the problem of vision. Do not forget about the measures of prevention of eye diseases. So, doctors advise you to stop smoking, because nicotine has a detrimental effect on your eyesight; regularly use products that strengthen the vessels of the retina: blueberries, black currants, carrots, cod liver, greens; spend less time watching TV and playing electronic games; and when working at a computer, use a modern monitor and high-quality programs. Remember that regular visits to an ophthalmologist and observance of simple rules of life will help you maintain good vision for a long time.


Supervisor, curator Olzhayeva R.R., 244,245 groups of GM


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