What is the Fall depression and how to deal with it correctly

What is the Fall depression and how to deal with it correctly

There is a spring depression, there is an fall depression. The thing is that in the offseason the psyche is weakened, hence this melancholy.

Seasonal depression usually lasts from mid-October to mid-December. Good mood returns closer to the New Year holidays: laziness and gratuitous melancholy drive away pleasant chores, search for gifts and corporate celebrations.

There are no psychological reasons for seasonal depression. It has nothing to do with real depression, which implies a withdrawal into itself and dark thoughts about the goals of human existence, and therefore not a diagnosis. This is not a mental illness, but rather a biological one, because it has a scientific and biological explanation: our biorhythms adapt to the cycles of nature, which with the onset of cold weather hibernates.

In the autumn and winter, we are sorely lacking in the sun. In the morning, when we wake up, it is dark outside the window, in the evening, when we get home, this is the same landscape. When the day becomes like a night, we fall into a half-sleep, because at night we are led by melanin, a hormone that regulates our internal hours and sleep. As a result, vital activity decreases, fatigue increases, desires become dull, and interests subside.

At the same time, during this period, the production of serotonin, a hormone, is reduced, for the synthesis of which several factors are necessary, including sunlight. Serotonin, in turn, is involved in the formation of endorphins – the hormones of joy. Its lack explains not very good mood, easy apathy and fascination with sweets, which increase its level in blood.

It is especially difficult for this segment of the year to endure a working person. He almost fails to see the light in the window simply because he rarely drops in there. And although it would be possible to catch up on the weekend in a nearby park, but the bed and pillow are not far from me.

Avitaminosis can aggravate the autumn blues: there are very few useful substances in food closer to winter, and on some of us the social burden weighs heavily. In September, after a summer lull and vacations, there is a hot time for work.

The school year begins in children, adults have new ideas and projects, and any new type of activity requires large amounts of energy. And if the first autumn months usually pass on the wave of positives accumulated over the summer, by the beginning of November the enthusiasm usually fades away and the accumulated tiredness makes itself felt.

The cold provokes an adrenaline rush and prevents you from enjoying the autumn-winter delights. But if you dress warmly and give preference to flashy colors, it will be much more comfortable to enjoy life.

Chronic stress, with which modern man lives side by side, also saps strength. Thousands of obligations and responsibilities keep the nervous system in constant tension.


To last until spring, it is not at all necessary to wait out the bad weather on the Canaries: there are also publicly available ways to raise your spirits.

1) From time to time it is advisable to put any food on the plate, whose color or origin is reminiscent of warm edges, and not only habitual tomatoes, citrus fruits, mangoes and pineapples. Do not give up on the most exotic options: tropical fruits just recently plucked from the branch, which means they are full of useful substances and are able to fight against vitamin deficiency. In addition, they will be pleasing to the eye with their life-affirming color. From the drinks it is better to prefer a decoction of the native rosehip or hawthorn.

2) If there are no serious health problems, it is allowed to indulge yourself with bitter chocolate, bananas and dried fruits from time to time and in reasonable quantities – these products increase the level of serotonin.

3) On cloudy days, it is wise to remember the sport. During physical exertion, the level of serotonin and endorphins rises, thanks to which you can enjoy life again. The benefits will be even greater if you carry out training in the fresh air.

4) In the winter, we instinctively look for warmer places, so we spend 90% of the day inside four walls, which is even more depressing. The service or home schedule should be designed so that at least 2 hours a day be in daylight.

5) You can follow in the footsteps of the French, who before breakfast like to take a "light bath". To arrange such a procedure at home is capable of a special multi-voltage lamp.

6) If the vacation is still far away, you will have to look for a time machine in the harsh urban environment. Immerse yourself in the five-star atmosphere of bliss and peace is quite possible in the cabin or in the bath. Relaxing massage and hot steam will give a positive charge.

Needless to say, the autumn depression of those who are prone to panic attacks can aggravate the condition. Forward, to fight with the fall depression! And remember that any autumn ends. And Christmas and New Year come.

If the fall depression is delayed and does not pass with the onset of pre-Christmas euphoria, it is better to contact a specialist – a psychologist or a psychotherapist.


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