A round of “The First Medical Aid»

A round of “The First Medical Aid»

The sixth and the most decisive stage of the first Republican Olympiad "MedUse" was the round "The First Aid", organized By the local Committee of KazMSA SMU under the leadership of the standing Committee of Medical Education SCOME. This round was held in the walls Of the training and clinical center of "Semey Medical University".

The Olympiad was attended by students of 2-3-4 courses, specialties "General Medicine" and "pharmacy" from the leading medical univeristies of Kazakhstan: МУА, ЮКМА and КГМУ.  Each university provided a team for intellectual struggle

The round consisted of five main rounds of first aid:

1.         Acute coronary syndrome (ACS)

2.         Immobilization of limbs

3.         Anaphylactic shock

4.         Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

5.         Bleedings

Each team at the same time took one of the tours, which lasted for 12 minutes. During this time, participants discussed clinical cases, answered theoretical questions and showed a step-by-step algorithm of first aid. Then again changed on offices within 2 minutes under the accompaniment of guides. To confirm the transparency of the tours, mobile phones were seized from the participants.

Round "First Aid" contained 100 points. For each round was awarded 20 points, including 5 points for knowledge of the theory and 15 points for the application of practical skills

According to the results of five rounds, the teams scored the following points:

КГМУ – 75,65

ЮКМА – 69,4

МУА 1 – 69,25

МУА 2 – 47,75

We highly commend the chief of ECC(education-Clinical Center) SMU(Semey Medical University) – candidate of medical sciences associate Professor Mukanova D. A. for providing the location, specialist ECC– Lesavoy G. T. for providing mannequins and the necessary equipment. And also, Olympic organizers express gratitude to all the Faculty ECC:Merzhakupova T.D, Konusova A. K., Musabekova N. E., Smagulova Zh.I., Kovylina R. A. and assistant of Department of Propedeutics of Internal diseases – PhD Zhazykbayeva L. K. for her help in drawing up clinical cases and for her taking a part in the round of "The First Medical aid" as the jury.

Local Officer of Medical Education,

Student of 342 group, Specialty " General Medicine»

Kamilla Rakhimova