“Prohibition of abortion in Kazakhstan”

Debates give an opportunity beautifully express the opinion of both sides of people. It allows students to develop the ability to speak in front of the public, teaches ethics. It helps to convey their point of view by a literary language.

26th of October, 2018 The local committee KazMSA SMU, under the guidance of the standing committee on Medical Education SCOME held debates on the topic "Prohibition of abortion in Kazakhstan" at the Semey Medical University.

Students from 1 to 4 courses of different specialties took part in the debates.

This topic is relevant in modern society. The problem of undesirable pregnancy in Kazakhstan is growing every year more and more.

Our task was to identify the knowledge of students about the types and consequences of abortion and how to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Also, we wanted to hear their voice and to see their point of view about abortion.

4 teams took part in the debate: 2 teams for abortion and 2 teams against abortion. Each team has 2 opponents.

Students presented various arguments and actively argued over such issues as:

• Is the embryo or fetus is human;

• Religious aspects;

• Does the abortion effect on fertility;

• Physical suffering of the fetus;

• The right of a woman to dispose of her body;

• Consequences of the prohibition of abortion;

The debate was held in a friendly atmosphere. Students provided information on abortion. Actively argued and defended their point of view. After the discussion was over, the jury members noted that all the participants showed excellent results. But only one team can win.

The winners became the abortion team – "Cervix". Representatives were students of the 2nd course of the faculty GM Karim Gulim (SCOME) and Beyssembayeva Assel (SCORA). The girls opposed the ban on abortion in Kazakhstan. Since they believe that it infringes the rights of women and each woman decides for herself how to act in hersituation.

The acuteness in discussing abortion problems persists for many years. Historically, the attitude of the doctor to abortion is one of the first and main ethical and medical problems that remain relevant today.

Take care of yourself and your health!

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