My Medical English

My Medical English

Nowadays, the world is developing rapidly. And this is not only about new technologies. Every day people discover something new. As the proverb says, “Your language is for unity, another language is for life.” People that know many languages, achieve their goals much faster than others. Knowledge of English gives you the opportunity to go abroad, get a job and develop in your field.

On November 7, 2018, the event “My medical English” organized by the Local Committee KazMSA of Semey State Medical University under the guidance of the Standing Committee on Medical Education SCOME, was held within the framework of the Medical University of Families. The event was attended by students of 1, 2 and 3 courses of faculties as "General Medicine", "Dentistry". The main purpose of this event was to improve their skills and develop communication skills in English. The topics that were included in the event: communicative knowledge, ECG, how to correctly analyze the analysis, etc. All the material was in English. The feedback of these data was in the form of games.

These kinds of events help to make our generation more interesting and easy to develop, which is closely connected with the future of the country.


Nurmukhamed Mambetov, group 131

KazMSA Scome