The department of General Medical Practice held a discussion on the role of the first president

On November 14, 2018 at the department of General Medical Practice held a round table discussion on the topic of “President loving people and beloved by them” with the students of group 541 and 542 and students’ curator c.m.s., professor RANS S. Adilgozhina.

The Head of department d.m.s. M. Kazymov made a speech about president and his productive ideas and work. Teachers of department c.m.s. Zh. Musabekova and the assistant N. Balashkevich took part in the discussion. The student of 542 group Dulat Rakhymov read the report about president’s life and his accomplishments. We, the youth, believe in a bright future and confidently go to the future with the help of instructions of the President. And he concluded his report.

Students actively participated in the discussion and everybody shared their thoughts and points of view about president and his strategies, programs in different fields. They also discussed openings of medical centers and educational institutions in Kazakhstan and their achievements. The round table was concluded with the words of the President: The present time is the time of talented, persistent, self-confident people, time of people who can dream and have the will to make dreams come true.


Assistant of General Medical Practice department

с. m. s., professor RANS S. Adilgozhina