World Hello Day

The custom of greeting each other has existed since time immemorial. And this is not only banal politeness. Greeting, people show respect, demonstrate openness and goodwill. World Hello Day is not the most famous, but one of the most positive and warm holidays. Today the tradition is supported in 180 countries of the world! And let the International Day of Greetings is not yet considered official, this does not prevent it from being one of the most fun, simple and filled with deep meaning of holidays. Greet each other at a meeting – the oldest tradition. Every nation has its own customs, which change over the years, acquire a new meaning, or lose the old one, turning into a well-established habit without purpose or special meaning. But the greeting, from the time of the prehistoric ancestors of man to this day, retains its essence and remains one of the few traditions observed in any society of any country in the world.

Hello – the wish of health, good afternoon – the wish of good. The purpose of the holiday is not to learn to be polite, but to learn to be friendly to each other. Greetings to each of us need like air! This is not only an expression of friendliness when meeting, but for many more. It is no secret that there are a lot of lonely people around, and another kind word for them is a confirmation of their existence and presence in this world.

The main thing in observing the details of etiquette, we did not forget about the sincere, cordial and kind attitude to people. The history of the holiday of the World Hello Day the meaning of this holiday, about how people greet each other in different countries, were discussed by the curatorial groups (244, 245 GM) of the Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Professor S. Tapbergenov together with the curator R. Olzhayeva. Become a polite, tactful, delicate not too difficult to just want to! Feel free to sincerely welcome friends, relatives and acquaintances not only on World Hello Day! Let it be a good habit, increasing the amount of good in the world. From us, on behalf of the department GREETING TO ALL! We wish you all health, good, peace and happiness!


Curator Olzhayeva R.R., students of 244, 245 groups of GM