In the system of teaching of students in medical universities tutition involves the development of professional skills of students, training of specialists with a wide range of knowledge and skills necessary to work in various fields of medical practice. The basis for the study and understanding of pathological processes in the human body, for the choice of modern methods of their treatment is the whole block of natural disciplines. Only on the basis of such serious training, students will be able to acquire knowledge and skills in the departments that are necessary for their practical activities.

One of the most important in the block of natural Sciences is biochemistry, that prepare students of various faculties.

During the classes of biochemistry students get acquainted with biochemical methods of research of carbohydrate, lipid, protein metabolism used in the clinic. They get acquainted with the principles of each method, the diagnostic value. Getting specific results of blood, urine, biological fluids, students interpret these data. Knowing the limit of their fluctuations in the norm, the student can conclude about the violations occurred in the body of the patient.

12.11.18 within the walls of the Semey Medical University, the local Committee KazMSA SMU under the leadership of the standing Committee SCOME(Standing Committee on Medical Education) organized a master class SCOME LAB on the discipline "Medical biochemistry".

The scome LAB was attended by students of 1 and 2 courses of the faculty "General medicine".

Our task was to study the subject of biochemistry, also to acquaint students with many devices necessary for the diagnosis of various pathologies.

The following practical skills were conducted with the students of the 1st and 2nd courses:

• Methods for the detection of proteins and the colored reaction;

• Determining the level of glucose in the blood;

• Methods of study of metabolism of carbohydrates;

• Methods for studying lipid metabolism;

Technicians of the «Department of biochemistry and chemical disciplines name of Professor S.O. Tapbergenov» clearly showed the whole process of determining, explaining all of the students .

Thus, we develop student's practical skills necessary for further training and practical activities.


Student of the 132 group,

Faculty “General Medicine”

 Ilderbayev Yelnar


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