Meeting of General Practice (GP) Interns of 6-7 courses  with Employers of Polyclinic 1 from Ekibastuz of Pavlodar Region

Meeting of General Practice (GP) Interns of 6-7 courses with Employers of Polyclinic 1 from Ekibastuz of Pavlodar Region

Annual meetings of employers with interns of GP 7 courses before the fair became a tradition. This is very practical since it allows interns to familiarize themselves in advance with the labor market and the demands of practical healthcare from the most diverse regions of our country, and to have an opportunity to choose in employment. The main task that confronts interns graduates today is to successfully pass an independent examination and find a job.

         They had questions such as “Where should to start working?”, “Whom should a start working by?”, “What social package can employers provide?”, “What are the conditions of the contract for employment?”, “Are there conditions for moving with their families?” and many other questions. Teachers, interns and university management are also worried about these issues. With this purpose, the department of personalized medicine, which is headed by the head of the department, MD., associate professor Dyussupova Azhar Ahmetkalievna organized the meeting of GP interns 6-7 courses with employers of Pavlodar region Polyclinic 1 of Ekibastuz represented by the chief physician Amirkenov Galymzhan Olzhabayevich, head of the department of general medical examination Kochenov Artem Nikolavich and head of the Clinical diagnostic clinic Jingulova Talgat Nurlybekovich. The employers presented a presentation in which the interns were introduced to their city, a polyclinic, and they showed the conditions created for the work of young novice doctors. The interns' doctors were interested in the information presented, they asked a lot of questions, got answers to questions about housing, raising funds, and wages, which are important for a successful start of work and career growth. Chief physician Amirkenov Galymzhan Olzhabaevich stressed that this year they are planing to employ 12 general practitioners and are ready to pay for the primary specialization in narrow specialties. Interns who are interested in the offers of the employers exchanged contact information with them, the head doctor of this institution left his phone number to all the interns. At the end of the conversation, the head of the department, Azhar Akhmetkalievna, stressed that such internship meetings with employers are relevant, timely and necessary. They help our graduates to make an informed decision, to think about their future steps towards becoming oneself as a sought-after and competitive specialist, about career and professional growth opportunities. The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.