Horse riding

Horse riding

Group 357 spent an amazing day on October 13 making horseback riding. Horse riding is a very popular activity. In addition to the main physical activities, horseback riding gives an unforgettable experience and is a wonderful vacation. It is nice to be in the fresh air, surrounded by noble animals that cheer up and energize. After all, horses are amazing animals. Communicating with them gives peace and a sense of inner balance, relieves stress. They are so striking in their beauty and grace that they really want to communicate with these smart and faithful animals closer. In addition, you can admire the amazingly beautiful nature and get joy and pleasure from this walk.

Horse riding is not just one of the types of outdoor activities, but also allows you to get rid of the effects of chronic stress, so familiar to modern residents of big cities, caused by bustle, rush, smoky air, traffic jams and increased noise level. If you have never ridden a horse, then be sure to try it! Believe that the pleasure you get from horse riding cannot be compared with anything!

357 group tutor

B.T. Shakirova

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