Meeting of the student scientific club “Molecular Genetics Researchers”

Meeting of the student scientific club “Molecular Genetics Researchers”

November 28, 2019, at the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics Named after Academician of NAS RK Raissov T.K. held a meeting of the scientific club “Molecular Genetics Researchers”. The club consists of 40 students of 1, 2 year students of specialties “General Medicine”, “Pharmacy”, “Dentistry”. Scientific student club is a place where students develop and improve the skills of scientific research, analysis, integration, processing of data, learn to conduct a literary review, acquire skills of teamwork, in-depth study of theoretical material in the study area. At the beginning of the meeting, the head of the Department of molecular biology and medical genetics, associate Professor Orazalina Ainash Saparovna made a speech. She told the goals and objectives of theorganizations, the achievements of the Department and active work of students for the past 2018-2019 academic year, familiarized with the main directions of scientific work for the current 2019-2020 academic year. During the meeting, the students got acquainted with the plan of the scientific organization, with the activities of the student volunteer organization “student-donor”, established at the Department in the last academic year, also acquainted with the results of scientific projects related to the activities of club. The head of student scientific organization is a teacher of the Department of molecular biology and medical genetics Kabayeva Akbota Yerlanovna.

The main scientific directions of organization is study of the prevalence, structure of congenital malformations of newborns and chromosomal diseases, hereditary diseases in Semey region, Abai Region and in Kazakhstan as a whole; analysis of inheritance of blood groups and RH factor in students of Semey Medical University; donation. It is planned to continue work in these areas together with geneticists of medical and genetic counseling of the perinatal center of Semey and the center of blood transfusion of Semey. Scientific supervisors are assigned to students.

According to the results of the students’ work on the topics, it is planned to hear and discuss reports on the work of students, in the further performance at student scientific conferences on the results of research.


Kadylbekova D.K., leader of the student scientific club, student of 1104 group, specialty “General Medicine»

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