Oral online exam in the students of 1st course of Public Health through Zoom

Oral online exam in the students of 1st course of Public Health through Zoom

08/06/20, at the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics named after academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan T. Raisov, a summative exam was conducted in the 1st year of the specialty “Public Health” in the discipline “Genetics and Molecular Biology” using the Zoom platform. 13 students of the 1128 group of the specialty “Public Health” passed the exam.

According to the Academic Policy of Distance Learning at the Semey Medical University, the rules for conducting a summative examination in terms of undergraduate education, links for connecting to Zoom were sent to groups taking the exam through an monitor, as well as according to the schedule for attending exams for the summer examination session for 2019-2020 academic year, links to Zoom were sent to the vice-dean of the School of Public Health, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing E. Zhakupbekova, 4 course student of the specialty “Dentistry” S. Halelov, anti-corruption committee.

The oral answer of the student at the exam was clearly structured (according to a check list). The questions are compiled according to the learning tasks from Blueprint of the topics studied. Tickets for the subject were developed in advance, checklists were compiled, and uploaded to the KEYPS program.

A ticket with questions was distributed to students randomly. Responsible teacher for the tickets randomization at the department was appointed teacher N. Razakova, who was responsible for the correctness of the randomization procedure and its secrecy. Randomization was carried out using an online random number generator. The distribution of examiners and examinees was carried out independently strictly in time. The exams were taken by the head of the department, associate professor Orazalina A.S., professor of the department Mynzhanov M.R., senior lecturer Ibraeva G.R., head teacher Razakova N.G. 2 examiners per 1 student.

Synchronized proctoring of the summative exam was as follows: the student named his name, group, course, specialty, exam; He showed on the camera  identification card; showed his room by turning a webcam or laptop 360 degrees, showing that no one was in the room; showed the table. Upon completion of the oral exam, the student was announced the grade from the check-list and was given short feedback from the examiner.

During the oral exam, a video was taken from the moment the student connected to the examiner until finishing. Evaluation results are displayed in KEYPS. In general, the organization and conduct of the exam was successful. The staff of the Molecular biology Department expresses gratitude to the staff of the Center for Information Technologies and the head of the Center N. Tlebaldin for helpness and technical support, which allowed us to conduct the exam qualitatively without any problems.

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