Our students are our pride!

Our students are our pride!

In the period of June 12-18, 2020, the final state certification of 5th-year graduates of the specialty “General medicine”was held at the University. According to the results of students’ academic performance and the results of the final state certification, among the graduates of the 5th year, 19 students graduated from the bachelor’s degree with diploma with honours. Aynabekov Rinat and Permet Nesipzhan are the students’ with the highest average GPA. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Aynabekov Rinat Marathi -5101 gr.;
  • Permet Nesprin My – 5327 gr.;
  • Tleubekova Zhansaya Martiz – 5338 gr.;
  • Abicada Aigerim Baitasi – 5221 gr.;
  • Titorenko Elena Dmitrievna – 5207 gr.;
  • Ilyasova Shyryn ilyasovna – 5439 gr.;
  • Isabaeva Germ Serikkyzy – 5431 C.;
  • Mokeev Serik Toleubekova – 5103 gr.;
  • Rude Botaks Arboliz – 5435 gr.;
  • Abylaev Madina Albiez – 5114 gr.;
  • Lakowa Ali Erez – 5216 gr.;
  • Rakhimov Ainur Adilzhanova – 5103 gr.;
  • Toleuova Guzel Adilbek – 5112 gr.;
  • Ospanova Dinara Rashidis – 5413 gr.;
  • Khalitova the Ramiyah Nursultanovna – 5101 gr.;
  • Pljuhina Tatiana Evgenievna – 5103 gr.;
  • Alan Jania Alianza – 5114 gr.;
  • Talanova Symbat Tolinase – 5431 C.;
  • Saidaminova Assel Omirbekova – 5323 gr.


NCJSC “SMU” has always been considered one of the best medical universities in our country. In the national ranking of the best universities in Kazakhstan in 2020, NCJSC “Semey Medical University” is recognized as the best medical University in the country. In addition, according to the Independent Agency for quality assurance in education, Semey Medical University is among the 44 best universities in Kazakhstan. Among medical schools, our University took the first place of honor. This high rating was made possible thanks to the joint and fruitful work of the entire University staff, but most importantly-the high quality of education.

The University is proud of our excellent students and wishes them success in all their endeavors!


School of Medicine.