Seminar dedicated to  prevention of rotavirus infection

Seminar dedicated to prevention of rotavirus infection

At this moment the predominant cause of diarrhea in both children and adults are enteric viruses.  Rotavirus infection occupies a significant role in the etiology of diarrhea of viral etiology. The relevance of rotavirus infection is explained by the severe course, the frequency of intestinal and extraintestinal complications, high mortality rates, reinfection and the development of homing syndrome (immunodeficiency), post-infectious diarrhea, malabsorption, and dysbacteriosis.

Training seminar was held on the basis of the CSE on the REM “Emergency Station of Semey” on the topic: “Rotavirus infection”.

Оn  September 7, 2022 . Diagnosis, treatment and prevention”. The speakers of this event were  interns of the GP 611 of the NJSC “IUS” group. The lecturers reminded that in the clinic of this infectious disease there is a triad of symptoms: high fever, vomiting and diarrhea – DFV-syndrome (diarrhea, fever, vomiting).

In addition, the speakers noted that rotavirus can cause the development of the hepatitis, nephritis, pneumonia, exanthema, DIC, various neurological complications, . encephalopathy and encephalitis. The problems of epidemiology, differential diagnosis, principles of treatment and prevention of rotavirus infection were presented too.


Department of Infectious Diseases, Dermatovenereology and Immunology NJSC “MUS”