Open Day at the military department

Open Day at the military department

At the military department in September 2022-23 under the leadership of the head of the department, Colonel of the medical service Orynbasarov Shyngys Orazmukhametovich an “Open Day” was organized.

The 3rd year cadets, who entered the department in 2022, examined the training rooms in the disciplines of general military training, military toxicology, radiobiology and medical protection, organization and tactics of the medical service, military hygiene and epidemiology also a brief of military medical equipment was conducted.

A mini library was visited where students can additionally study in their free time, take teaching aids prepared by the teaching staff in military medical specialties.

In a specially equipped armory, the cadets got acquainted with different types of training weapons.

The cadets received answers to all their questions concerning military training.


Responsible for educational work , Lieutenant Colonel of the medical service N.Smailov

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