Meeting of the “Clinician School”. Department of General Medical Practice of Semey

Meeting of the “Clinician School”. Department of General Medical Practice of Semey

Since the beginning of the academic year at the Department of General Medical Practice of Semey of SMU, NCJSC resumed the work of the clinician’s school. Within the framework of which on September 19, 2022, under the leadership of the head of the department, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Dyussupova Azhar Akhmetkalievna and assistant to the department, doctor of the highest category, Terekhova Tatyana Ivanovna, together with interns 714,716 GP groups, a meeting of the School was held on the topic: “Topical issues of feeding young children”.

This topic was not chosen by chance, since 7-year GP interns are often in clinics, directly working with pregnant women, young mothers, advising them on various issues related to the growth and development of healthy children, including paying great attention to the issues of feeding young children. Breastfeeding is an ideal diet for the full development and growth of the child. It has a unique biological and emotional impact, both on the health of the mother and on the health of the child.

Interns of 6-7 courses of the GP specialty took part in the school. Given the scattered training bases, the conference format was presented on the Zoom platform, allowing 6 and 7-year interns to attend a Clinician School meeting.

At the end of the meeting, questions were asked in the framework of feedback, an explanation was made on the most difficult issues of the topic.

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