Gabdulla Tukay – famous Tatar poet

Gabdulla Tukay – famous Tatar poet

On October 26, 2022, a curatorial hour was held at the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases by students of the  group 3203 of the specialty “General Medicine” and the curator of the group Zhazykbayeva L., within which a discussion of the life path and creativity of the famous Tatar poet Gabdulla Mukhamedgarifovich Tukay was held.

Being one of the brightest representatives of the Turkic culture, Gabdulla Tukay managed to create a large number of truly interesting and nationally colorful literary works during his short, but eventful career. The poet devoted himself entirely to the service of art and his people, putting his own life on the altar of poetry.

In his work, he tried to capture the real reality of that era, praising the spiritual nobility and human conscience of his contemporaries – fighters for the people’s cause. Being a Tatar folk poet, he raised in his works themes close to all the peoples of Central Asia: the defense of national culture, the struggle for freedom and the preservation of historical memory. That is why the literary heritage of Gabdulla Tukay is so important for all of us.

During the curatorial hour, students learned a lot about the poet and his work, and were also able to fully enjoy some of his poems.


Students 3203 group “General Medicine”, curator Zhazykbaeva L.

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