“Pediatrics in the light of modern world trends”. Teleconference with Kemerovo State Medical University

“Pediatrics in the light of modern world trends”. Teleconference with Kemerovo State Medical University

On October 19, 2022, the conference of the I International MED Congress “Man and Health. Multidisciplinary approach in medicine” on the topic “Pediatrics in the light of modern world trends” was held in the hall of SMU, NCJSC.

Reports on the following topics were presented at the congress:

  1. “The possibilities of osteopathy in pediatrics”.
  2. “Application of the basic methods of osteopathy for the body in postural disorders”. Video: “Application of the basic methods of osteopathy in postural disorders”.
  3. “Features of nutritional support in gastrointestinal disorders”
  4. “Vitamin D content in premature infants with congenital pneumonia”. Video: “Method of blood sampling in newborns for vitamin D levels”.
  5. “Vitamin D content in newborns with Macrosomia”. Ayylbaeva Nazym Muratbekovna, a 3-year doctoral student of SMU, NCJSC.
  6. “Features of the diagnosis of exudative enteropathy in children”. Kabdollina Zhansaya Valikhanovna, Assistant of the Department of Propaedeutics of Children’s Diseases of SMU, NCJSC.

Also, representatives of the Department of Pediatrics of the State Institution “Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education” presented reports and an online format on the following topics:

  1. “Мitamin D deficiency is a controversial problem of modern pediatrics”.
  2. “The problem of vitamin D deficiency in children with neurological pathology”.
  3. “Vitamin D and rheumatic diseases in children”.

The presentations of the reports were very attractive, as in addition to general presentations, the speakers offered video and photographic materials and analysis of clinical cases.

At the end of each report, the conference participants asked the speakers various questions, thanks to which a detailed analysis of the submitted works was carried out.

The topics of the reports differed in relevance. In this regard, we know for sure that we use all the information received in our practical activities.


Resident rehabilitologists for 1 year:
Ablakimova Aiym
Imanova Aizada

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