«Егемендік күні – тарихи қадам»

«Егемендік күні – тарихи қадам»

On December 12, at the Department of Pediatrics and Medical Rehabilitation named after D. M. Tusupova, on the basis of the SMU NCJSC in the assembly hall of the MFS department, an event was held on the theme “Egemendik kuni – tarihi kadam”, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, organized by the assistants of the Department Imanmadieva D. M. and Kapanova A. A., among interns, residents of the specialties of GP and pediatrics. After the introductory words of the leading interns of the 706 group Muratova Aziza and Tuleuova Dina, the Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan was played. The opening of the event began with an introductory congratulatory speech by the head of the department Alimbayeva A. R.: “Independence Day has elevated our national qualities and values, awakened our honor, proclaimed the Kazakhs as a people who love freedom, steadfast and high spirit! Independence did not come to us easily! We must remember the brothers and sisters sacrificed in the name of independence! Independence Day, on the one hand, is a “Day of Remembrance”, and on the other – a day of celebration for young people, for future generations!”.

During the event, a documentary film about the history of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was shown, and a student, Shora Olesya, read a poem “Tauelsizdik” in Kazakh. At the end of the evening, a quiz was held with the students. At the end of the event, Aida Ualieva read a poem by the poet Mukhtar Shakhanov “Zheltoksan alany”, which made an indelible impression on the students.

In addition, as part of the holiday dedicated to Independence Day, residents of 101 groups of pediatricians under the guidance of clinical mentor Akhmetzhanova D. For charitable purposes, we provided assistance to a low-income family undergoing inpatient treatment at the Venus Clinic.

Thus, we are confident that the event made a significant contribution to the education of patriotism among students!


Responsible for educational work assistant of the department A.A. Kapanova