Our hearts are beating for Independence

Our hearts are beating for Independence

On December 14, the Department of General Medical Practice hosted an event on the theme “Tauelsizdik dep sogady zhuregimiz”, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, organized by 5th year students of general medicine 5430 group. After the opening words of the presenters, the Anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan sounded.

The opening of the event began with an introductory congratulatory speech by Professor of the Department of OVP, Doctor of Medical Sciences Kazimov Maksut Sovetovich. During the event, the history of our independence was remembered, a video clip with wishes from students dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and songs, a flash mob performed by the 5430 group were shown. 5428 the group performed a national dance number .

This event reawakened a sense of pride and patriotism for our country.

The final word was given to PhD doctor, associate Professor Gulnar Metallovna Shalgumbayeva, she, in turn, expressed parting words to the students and congratulated them on the upcoming holiday.

Remembering our recent past, before Independence, we have not forgotten those difficulties during the period of the Soviet Country.  The brave young people, striving for a bright future of their country, demanded equality, defended their native language and culture. Therefore, today we remember all those who were a true patriot of their homeland, those who spared their lives for freedom and independence.