Meeting of the School of the Young Teacher

Meeting of the School of the Young Teacher

Department of General Medical Practice in Semey under the guidance of the head of the department, doctor of medical sciences, prof. Dyussupova A. A. held a regular meeting of the School of a young teacher. The meeting was held online on the Zoom-conference platform in a round table format.

The topic of the meeting: “The use of communication skills by young professionals, university graduates.”

The purpose of the round table is to improve communicative competence, improve the quality of teaching and medical practice of the students of the School.

Particular attention is paid to the issues of communication of medical personnel of hospitals, clinics with patients and their relatives. The characteristics of people with good communication skills are analyzed in detail, useful tips are given to improve them. At the end of the round table, held by the assistant of the department Terekhova T. I., positive feedback was received from young teachers – students of the School.

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