Pages of the history of the university

Pages of the history of the university

At the Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases on 27.04.23, by the head of the department Efendiev I.M., Kumarbekova A.K., Smailov E.S. held an event dedicated to the first teachers, scientists of the pediatric faculty, who stood at the origins of the Department of Children’s infectious Diseases, with the active participation of current groups of students 4109gr., 4110gr.GM, 6th year GP, 7th year interns pediatricians, as well as with the participation of doctors of pediatric infectious diseases of the “Regional Infectious Hospital of Semey”, dedicated to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the NCJSC SMU. In the format: offline, online on the “ZOOM” platform

If we go back and flip through the pages of the “History of the University”, then on September 11, 1972, the Department of hospital pediatrics with a course of children’s infectious diseases was opened at the Semipalatinsk Medical Institute, Associate Professor Mikhail Borisovich Kogan was appointed head of the department, and associate professor Josefina Markovna Lopatina was responsible for the course of children’s infectious diseases.

Since 1971, Associate Professor Kurmanova Bagdiyar Romanovna began her activity at the Department of Pediatrics with a course of pediatric infectious diseases, since 1973 associate professor Bekenova Mayra Ermakoshvna. The course of children’s infectious diseases was subsequently separated from the Department of Pediatrics into an independent department, associate Professor V.V. Shabalin was appointed its head, then the department was headed by MD, Professor Z.G.Bulatkina, Professor G.S.Arkhipov, MD, Associate Professor B.R. Kurmanova “The good name of a scientist does not die” at our enterprise under the guidance of Head of the department Efendiev I.M. students and guests of the evening were familiarized with the biographies of veteran teachers of the Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases: Lopatina Josefina Markovna, Kurmanova Bagdiyar Romanovna, Mayra Ermakashovna Bekenova, their teaching activities and scientific work at the department. As well as the guests of the event, heads of departments Karzhaubayeva S.R, Asylbekov B.Zh, and Sekerbayev D.M. shared their memories of their teachers, who were not only their students, but also their colleagues.

At the event, which has an educational role for the younger generation, a student of group 4109 Zhibek Kalibekova read the author’s poems, and students 4109, and 4110 performed songs. The guests of the evening, the son of Bagdiyar Romanovna Kurmanov Damir, the grandson of Kurmanov Zamir, and the children of Mayra Ermakoshvna, Bekenov Askar and Bekenova Nazigul, took part from Cyprus and expressed gratitude for the event.

All these wonderful people, to whose memory our event is dedicated, are the history of our University, the history of our Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases, they devoted their whole lives to serving medicine.

Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases, SMU NCJSC