Visiting of museum

Visiting of museum

Department of Biochemistry and Chemical Disciplines named after Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Tapbergenov S.O. takes an active part in the educational work of students.

The task of the curator is not only to control the academic progress of students, but also to form a moral and aesthetic culture.

To this end, the curator of group 302 “Pharmacy” Lauenova S.A. A visit to the regional museum of local lore was organized, which fell on May 18, which is celebrated as International Museum Day.

On this magical evening, the Night of Museums, dedicated to the Day of Cultural and Art Workers, International Museum Day, the museums of the region opened their doors to visitors from 18:00 and delighted us until late at night.

International Museum Day is an important holiday and a real cultural phenomenon. It not only reminds residents of different countries of the need to love and know their history, but also allows you to establish a dialogue between different countries and peoples on a global scale. The preservation of experience, the exchange of knowledge, the development of mutual understanding and mutual respect between representatives of different cultures are the key tasks of this holiday.

The Regional Local History Museum of Semey presented a special exhibition “Gold of Antiquity”, where students could see the brilliant gold items of the Saka time. Museum staff also focused on popularizing folk art and national games. Students were able to participate in national sports competitions, such as “Togyz kumalak”, “Asyk atu”, “Bestas”, “Kol kuresi”, “Sadaq atu”, as well as in lifting weights and other exciting games.

The visit to the museum made a good impression on the students. After all, they wondered: why do we need museums at all? You can answer their question with the words of the classics: “He who does not know the past knows neither the present, nor the future, nor himself” – the French thinker Voltaire. “A people that does not know its past has no future” – Mikhail Lomonosov. “Today, which does not have yesterday, does not have tomorrow” – poetess Marina Tsvetaeva.

The students received sincere pleasure, a boost of energy and spiritual wealth.

Curator of the group Lauenova S.A.

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