Curator’s hour “Pharmaceutical Worker’s Day”

Curator’s hour “Pharmaceutical Worker’s Day”

May 19 is a professional holiday – Pharmaceutical Worker’s Day. The day of the pharmaceutical worker was established as a sign of deep respect for the work of scientists, pharmacists, and pharmacists.

In order to make students aware of this date and congratulate future pharmacists on their professional holiday, the curator Lauenova S.A. a curatorial hour was held in group 302 -Pharmacy.

The audience was festively decorated with multi-colored balloons, posters depicting the attributes of the profession.

The curator demonstrated the presentation “Profession of a pharmacist and pharmacology”, which contains slides about the work of a pharmacist, the history of pharmacology, the prospects for the development of pharmaceuticals, and the demand for this profession.

Today, the pharmaceutical industry employs high-level professionals who create drugs for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. The industry is developing dynamically, production technologies are being modernized, new high-tech enterprises are opening.

By the end of the event, students were given letters of thanks to their parents for the good upbringing of the moral generation, their achievements in studies and social life and small presents were noted.

Congratulations to the pharmaceutical industry workers on their professional holiday! We wish you great success and achievements in noble work, good health and prosperity.

White coat and sympathetic look,

Mountains of pills, bottles in a row,

Crowds come to you, carry their recipe.

Your proud name is PHARMACIST!

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