Meeting within the «Silver University» project

Meeting within the «Silver University» project

On May 17, 2023, within the framework of the Silver University project, a meeting was held between the staff of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases of SMU, NCJSC at the State Institution “Medical and Social Institution for the Elderly and General Disabled in Semey. Assistant of the department Zgotova N.S. held a workshop for elderly and senile people on the topic: “Restorative gymnastics for arthrosis of the hands.”

Arthrosis of the hands is a disease that destroys the joints of the fingers. At the same time, nodules form at the site of destruction, which provoke constant aching pain, make it difficult to move the fingers and, ultimately, completely immobilize them, depriving the hands of the ability to perform their functions.

Effective exercises for the hands, when carried out regularly, have a positive effect on the joints and ligaments of people suffering from arthrosis. Gymnastics for arthrosis of the hands also effectively improves blood circulation and helps in maintaining their natural function.

During the seminar, the trainees were taught to independently carry out simple basic exercises used both as a preventive measure and in the presence of arthrosis of the hands. The workshop was very interesting and productive. The listeners expressed their gratitude and received answers to numerous questions of interest to them.

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