Implementation of IUP by resident rehabilitologists

Implementation of IUP by resident rehabilitologists

15.06.2023 At the Department of Pediatrics and Medical Rehabilitation named after D.M. Tusupova, a meeting of the department with residents of rehabilitation specialists of the 1st and 2nd year of study was held, where reports on the implementation of the IUP were heard.

The reports were heard by the head. Department Alimbayeva A.R., assistant of the department Imanmadieva D.M. and head teacher of the department Nazarbekova M.S.

The residents of the 2nd year of study were the first to speak: Damira Dautbekova, Perizat Zhenisbekova, Ayauly Kakimova and Zhaiyk Dauletzharova, the report demonstrated the comprehensive work of residents: mastered disciplines during the training period, mastered practical skills, research work, sanitary and educational work among the population, work at the department, implementation of the professional internship plan, implementation of the academic mobility plan, implementation of the plan of additional types of training.

Residents also presented videos: a video response from a mentor, a video response from students, and a video “One day of my duty”.

The reports were evaluated by the teachers at a high level, and the second-year residents expressed gratitude for the contribution of future specialists from the department.

After that, residents of the 1st year of study spoke with their reports: Ablakimova Ayim, Alibek Yernar, Imanova Aizada, Oshakbayeva Aisulu, and a resident who is studying in Ust-Kamenogorsk – Sagidullina Saltanat arrived. Residents of the 1st year also demonstrated their reports on the work done and videos, received high feedback from teachers.