State exam

State exam

On 06.19.2023, students majoring in nursing (10 months, 4 years) passed the I-stage of the state exam in the form of testing.

Students took the test strictly on schedule.

The composition of the GAC:

Chairman of the SAC: Kametova Akalkyn Maultbekovna – chief physician of the MU «Polyclinic № 6 of mixed type» UZ East Kazakhstan region.

Deputy Chairman of the SAC: Zhumanbayeva Zhanar Makhmutovna – Head of the Department of Nursing, PhD doctor.

Independent observer of the SAC: Miras Kanatuly – Acting Director of UOVMK «Avicenna».

No violations were detected on the part of the students.

Organizers: assistants of the Department of Nursing.