Excursion to the Nevzorov family museum of fine arts

Excursion to the Nevzorov family museum of fine arts

On August 2, 2023, students of the 4th platoon of the military department visited the Nevzorov Family Museum of Art, organized by the head of the military department, Colonel of the medical service Orynbasarov Shyngys Orazmukhametovich, teacher Lieutenant Colonel of the medical service Smailov Nurbek Sadenovich.

The purpose of the event was to contribute to the development of thinking, cognitive attitudes of young people.

This tour was conducted by the junior researcher of the museum Aliya Abilkhankyzy. We thank the guide for explaining the meaning and specifics of each work at a very high level. The paintings depict the society of the 18th and 19th centuries, the events of that time, Western and eastern civilizations, Russian society and traditional Kazakh society with great skill.The paintings are very realistic, as beautiful as possible, artistically rendered taking into account natural phenomena, every detail.

The impressions of the students from traveling are huge. Expressing confidence that such educational events will continue in the future, we express our gratitude to the staff of the military department who organized this event.

Commander of the 4th platoon Sagyndykova Gulnur

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