Visit of the curatorial group of the Regional Museum of Local Lore in Semey

The Semey Museum of Local Lore is one of the largest and oldest museums throughout the country. The Semipalatinsk Museum of Local History was established in 1883. A great contribution to the development of the museum was made by the famous Kazakh poet Abai, philosopher and thinker Shakarim, popular writer Mukhtar Auezov. Since 1978, the Regional Museum of Local Lore of Semey has been located in the former governor’s mansion.

November 08, 2023 Senior lecturer of the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics named after Academician of NAS RK T.K. Raisova Ibraeva G.R. with students of the 1231 curatorial group “Pediatrics” faculty visited the Regional Museum of Local Lore in Semey.

The Semey Museum of Local Lore is equipped with modern touch kiosks installed in the exhibition halls, widescreen projectors and televisions, so that all visitors to the museum can enjoy the amazing and fascinating world of the history of the city and the region. The museum expositions consist of numerous exhibits describing the life of the former city of Semipalatinsk and its culture. In total, the museum fund nowadays has more than one hundred thousand different exhibits on archeology, ethnography, paleontology, numismatics, zoology, floristics, mineralogy. The museum’s collection contains photographic documents, natural-historical and historical household items, manuscripts, reviews of the Semipalatinsk region, commemorative books and address calendars. Exhibitions on various topics are held on a regular basis in the main exhibition hall of the museum.

The guide M.A. Zakimov conducted an excursion in various halls: “Paleontology and geology”, “Archeology and ethnography”, “Nature of the native land”, “History of the city and the region”, “Semey in the years of independence”, “About the movement of Alash and the city of Alash”, “Semey during the Second World War”, “Semey for a nuclear-free world”, “History of the local history museum”.

By visiting the museum, everyone can get acquainted with interesting facts, see exhibits, cultural and historical monuments with their own eyes, and thus instill a love for the history of their country. The students of the curatorial group were spiritually enriched and were very pleased with their visit to the museum.

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