Dedication of students

Dedication of students

On November 6 and 7, 1121 students of general Medicine and 1305 students of the Faculty of Dentistry took part in the “Student Reception” of NAO “SMU” in 2023.

At the entrance, the guests were met by 2nd year students. Live music was playing in the background. The seats of each group were marked at the entrance to the hall.

The evening began with a congratulatory speech by the Chairman of the Board – Rector of Altai Akhmetkaliuly Dyusupov. He stressed the importance of the profession and wished the students success and patience in the future. Altai Dyusupov’s congratulations in three languages not only demonstrated respect for the students, but also motivated them.

The concert began with an «Alliance» number, in which a video was shown that enlivened the entire hall. According to the students, the most memorable concert numbers are:

  1. KVN from the team “Kyzdarsky”. They amused the whole hall with their funny jokes. 2. The most fascinating performance was the song of Omar Osmanov and Saratov Karina from the 1309th group. Their performance is very bright and elegant. 3. Separately, I would like to mention the duel of dombrists who performed ancient works of great poets, which made a great impression on the students. The performance of the song in Kazakh by a student from another country was so unforgettable and authentic that it left only warm and positive emotions after the evening. At the end of the evening, all first-year students took the Hippocratic oath and officially became students of the NAO “SMU”.

In conclusion, our students, after watching the speech, saw that our university is full of talented and promising students who make student life bright and interesting.

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