Folk hero

Folk hero

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Rakhimzhan Koshkarbayev, who became the people’s hero of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was the first soldier to raise the flag of victory at the Reichstag, an educational hour was held at the Military Department of NAO «Semey Medical University», organized by the teacher of the Military Department, Lieutenant Colonel of the medical service Smailov N.S.

Students of Group 4422 Rinatovna A. , Kalidollaeva N., Aitkulov A. told about the biography of our hero, about his exploits during the war, about his courage and about his awards for his heroic actions.

The feat of the brave Kazakh citizen, «Halyk Kaharmany» Rakhimzhan Koshkarbayev, who raised the flag of victory at the Reichstag in Berlin, has become a legend from generation to generation.

Students of group 4422

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